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Cemetery policies

By Constance and Oren Harding


What has happened to our Cemeteries? According to the sign posted at the gate upon entering the cemetery everything must be removed by a certain date after Memorial Day. "EVERTHING" would imply that everything put on the graves for Memorial Day must be removed. This I can understand.

However items placed on the graves two, three or four month prior to Memorial Day seemed to cause no inconvenience before the set date of removal, so why do they have to be removed now?

There were numerous expensive, personal, and private items that were taken off the graves and thrown in a junk pile next to the pile of dirt used for taking care of the graves. A lot of these items had been put on the graves not just prior to Memorial Day but months before. Along with the pile of discarded grave items I found sixt American flags covered with dirt and trash. This is a disgrace, desecration and a total disrespect of the flag! There is a proper and fitting way to dispose of the United States flag and it is not by throwing it in a pile of dirt and junk.

It is said that all these items had to be removed in order to maintain upkeep of the cemetery, which brings up the question of how is maintenance done prior to Memorial Day with personal items put on the graves during the year?

What has happened to the respect of our loved ones and our Flag?

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