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Local Job's Daughters Bethel members return to Price with awards

Bethel 3's Daughters take a moment after the event to pose for a group photo with the Grand Commander's Choice trophy. The event was the 64th annual Utah Grand Session and Rally held at the Provo Marriott from June 17-20.

International Order of Job's Daughter's Bethel 3 of Price, attended the 64th annual Utah Grand Session and Rally held at the Provo Marriott, June 17-20.

Each June all of the Bethels in the state get together for this event, which includes fun activities such as a barbeque dinner and swim party, lunch in a local park and performances of drill and fun songs, including the more serious ritual song. There are also business meetings and workshops conducted during the weekend.

Throughout the year, Job's Daughters take part in various activities like a talent show, a skit competition, arts and crafts and much more. At the end of the Grand Session they find out the winners of these events at the Sunday morning awards ceremony.

Bethel 3 was proud to bring home several awards this year, including a second place medal for their fun song performance of "We Will Rock You." They also placed second in skit competition and in drill.

But their biggest achievement was when they were awarded the Grand Commander's Choice trophy for drill. It is a traveling trophy that is brought home by the winning bethel and then returned the following year. Bethel 3 will be responsible for having their Bethel number engraved on the trophy before returning it. In addition to these awards, one of the Daughters, Lauren Wilkinson, received a third place medal for her Librarian's Report entitled "Jobies."

Those who participated include Raelynne Colton, Megan Dayley, Chelsey Draves, Carrie Fleck, Autumn Forsythe, Lisha Fulcher, Sami Gibbs, Kaycee Gilson, Kelly Hastings, Leah Kinnick, Rashel Madrigal, Katerina Mantas, Kaysha Miller, Kylie Ockey and Lauren Wilkinson.

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