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Dino-Mine bricks, pickets available

If you missed buying a brick or picket in the Basso Dino-Mine Adventure Park, you are not out of luck.

Orders for bricks in the Memory Gardens or the pavers at the entrance to the park are available until July 24 for fall 2010 installation. All bricks placed in the Memory Gardens honor loved ones with the first line of copy printed "In Memory of."

Those who purchase memory bricks have two lines available for imprinting words. The paver bricks placed at the park's entrance have three lines available. All bricks are $50 each.

Pickets in the fence surrounding the park are $25 each. Up to 30 letters can be imprinted on each picket.

Order forms for the bricks and pickets are available at Price City Utility Office on 200 East Main Street. Revenue generated from the bricks and pickets sales help fund the ongoing maintenance of the park.

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