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County developing web events calendar

Event planners and promoters will soon have a new tool to get the word out: a fully-integrated and interactive community calendar on the Internet. The Carbon County Commission approved the expenditure of about $3,900 per year from the restaurant tax fund to get the system running.

Barry Horsley of the county's information technology staff explained to commissioners that agencies such as the Travel Region, County Recreation, the shooting range and fairgrounds will be able to access the website and post their events. In an interview later, he told the Sun Advocate that the system is expandable, which means that other big event venues such as Utah State University College of Eastern Utah could get access.

As the system grows, smaller event hosts would be able to get information onto the site after passing through an editing process.

This is not a calendar that will just sit there and wait for a hit, he continued. People who want to receive e-mails or text messages can subscribe to that service, and they will be able to select the agency or organization they want to hear from. City councils or other government agencies could also post their agendas are send them out this way.

Also in the works is online registration forms for such things as conferences or tours.

Mr. Horsley said the objective is to get more people in and out of the community to take advantage of what Carbon County has to offer.

Hosted Solutions is the company that will design and manage the service, Mr. Horsley said. The calendar should be up an running in about a week.

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