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Utah's first-ever 'Trout Slam' begins

Want to add something fun to your trout fishing trips this year? You can by joining Utah's first-ever Trout Slam.

The slam's goal is simple - be among the anglers who catch Utah's seven major trout species before Dec. 31.

Rainbow, cutthroat, brown, brook, lake, tiger and splake are the seven species you'll target.

Six of the seven trout must meet a certain length requirement. That requirement ranges from at least eight inches long for the brook trout you catch to at least 16 inches long for the lake trout.

There's no minimum length requirement for splake.

Once you've caught all seven trout, you'll receive a Utah Trout Slam certificate; a "Victory" Slam t-shirt; recognition on the Utah Trout Slam and Sportsman's Warehouse Web sites; and in-store recognition at Sportsman's Warehouse stores across Utah.

After adding the lengths of the seven trout together, the three anglers who caught the longest total length will also receive some awards.

"You already know you're a great trout angler," Roger Wilson says. "Here's your chance to show the rest of the state."

Wilson serves as the cold water sport fisheries coordinator for the Division of Wildlife Resources. The DWR is one of the event's sponsors.

More information about the 2010 Utah Trout Slam is available at

You can sign up for the event at the Website.

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