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ECC to sponsor remote broadcast

The East Carbon City Council voted 3-1 Tuesday in favor of spending about $500 for a radio station KUSA live remote two hour broadcast at the city hall from 10 a.m. to noon on June 17. The majority think it is a good way to help promote the area and local businesses.

Councilwoman Cheryl McFarland suggested the council put $200 into providing refreshments and snacks for people to enjoy. "I would like to make this an event and make it a big deal, having people stop by and take a look," she said.

The radio station is charging $299 to broadcast and will provide the city with 50 radio spots, each one lasting 30 seconds.

Councilman Andy Urbanik cast the only negative vote. "With a remote (show), all it's going to be is a two-hour commercial," Urbanik said. He added that it may be difficult for people to drop what they are doing on a Thursday morning and come out to East Carbon. Urbanik suggested that it would be better to broadcast around Community Daze, July 9-10.

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