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Authors of book visit CEU Prehistoric Museum

Steve Simms, left, and Francois Gohier stopped by the CEU Prehistoric Museum for a presentation about their work and to sign copies of their book.

Authors Steve Simms and Francois Gohier visited the CEU Prehistoric Museum to give a presentation and book signing of their recently released book called Traces of Fremont: Society and Rock Art in Ancient Utah, on Saturday June 5.

Gohier, orginally from France, has spent the last 19 years taking photographs all over the state of Utah. He has traveled all across Utah, visiting museums and spending weeks at Nine Mile Canyon photographing the area.

Simms, an Archeology professor at Utah State University, has been noted for his work in the field. "Rock art is a great vehicle to look to the past," Simms said.

Initially thought to be a simple socio-political system, recent reassessments of the Fremont culture assume a more complex society. Author Steve Simms sets Fremont rock art studies in this contemporary context, using the principles of analogy and archaeological evidence. Francois Gohier's stunning photographs of rock art and artifacts offer an engaging complement to Simms's text, according to a press release by the CEU Prehistoric Museum.

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