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Letter to the Editor: Election important to seniors


Tuesday, Nov. 5, the off-year election, so referred to because no balloting on the office of president, takes place. Normally the turnout for off-year elections is small, a low percentage of the registered voters turning out. However, this could be the most significant election in decades for programs that affect people age 65 or over.

The future of Social Security, Medicare and the possibility of prescription drug care could be decided by the election's outcome. Are we going to get private retirement accounts in Social Security or the present status retained? How is a prescription drug benefit to be delivered-through the current Medicare program or through private plans? Will a privately run drug program eventually lead toward the "privatization" of Medicare?

These are vitally important questions to the many senior citizens residing in Carbon County and it is imperative that they go to the polls Tuesday with these things in mind. Equally important is encouraging eligible voters of all ages to cast their ballots. There are state representatives in the legislature, county commissioners and in some districts, members of the local Board of Education to be elected. Of most importance, perhaps, is the selection of a congressman to represent District Two of which Carbon County is a part of now.

May I encourage all eligible voters to go the polls Tuesday and make their choices known.

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