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Letter to the Editor: Questions on cub shooting


I am writing comment on an article entitled "Execution of cub shocks witnesses" in the Salt Lake Tribune on Oct. 19. The story related how a state wildlife officer shot a bear cub that was in a tree and let it die slowly.

Here are some questions about that incident.

Do state wildlife personnel "execute" wildlife---and throw it to the dogs?

Was the employee just following orders and was this action "ordered" by his departments supervisor?

Is the Utah State Wildlife Division "policy" to kill wildlife and is it true that 70 odd bears have been shot by wildlife officers this year?

Finally was it for the baby bear's own good? (That is if being dead is good?)

I think that the officers and supervision involved should all be called to account for their action and their policy.

The policy sounds a lot like the "policy" developed by the FBI at Ruby Ridge. According to the article, the officer involved is being sent for "Sensitivity Counseling" because of his actions? Are taxpayers expected to pay his salary and expenses while he goes in for counseling?

I think the governor should consider calling all of the principles involved in the situation in for a public hearing regarding their actions and policy.

Then I think that he ought to take action as necessary to clean up this management mess and if needed, dismiss any (or all) of the above named individuals if that proves to be the right thing to do.

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