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Local law enforcement partners win at competition

Carbon County Sheriff's Deputy Chris Gigliotti hold award he and partner Mazzie won at a recent competition.

The Carbon County Sheriff's Office police service dog, (PSD) Mazzie, brought home third place honors in the K9 narcotics detection event, which took place at the 2010 Utah Peace Officers Association (UPOA) K9 trials competition.

The UPOA K9 trials consisted of 35 of the best police service dog teams from the state of Utah and surrounding areas, competing head to head in various events, which were held in the Salt Lake City and Provo areas over a two week period.

"Everyone wants to come in first, but considering the competition we were up against, our ability to even place third in this event is a great accomplishment, as well as an impressive testament to Mazzie's abilities," said Sheriff's Deputy Chris Gigliotti, Mazzie's partner.

"I credit Mazzie's success to our ability to regularly train with very talented instructors and handlers, stated Gigliotti. "The group includes deputies Wally Hendricks and Mike Adams (Carbon County), Rose Cox (Salt Lake City Police), and Sgt. Steve Salas (Utah Highway Patrol). We are also blessed with the huge support of the Sheriff's Office's administration who allow us to attend local and out of area trainings, but without the co-operation of my fellow deputies, who often times have to carry my share of the regular workload during trainings, Mazzie's success would not be possible."

Sala's partner, PSD Duke, took second place in the tough dog competition at the competition.

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