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Little League bathroom construction underway

Despite a need for fill dirt at the site, construction on the bathrooms for the Little League are under budget and going as planned, Sunnyside Mayor Doug Parsons said.

Sun Advocate reporter

Construction of a new bathroom facility for the baseball field in Sunnyside is underway despite some snags along the way.

Nelco Construction, which started work on the project in May, had put in a change order because of the ground conditions where the bathroom facility is being constructed. The current site had remnants of coal fines, which can be compared to coarse sand, that required a need for fill dirt for a better foundation at a cost of $3,100, according to Doug Parsons, Sunnyside mayor.

"They (Nelco Construction) felt that is wasn't a very good compacted surface, so they had to bring in some fill dirt to help compact it down," Parsons said.

The Sunnyside City Council awarded the bid to Nelco Contractors, from Price, for $64,930. The funding also helps cover $6,900 for engineering and a contingency of $7,160. With the Little League season currently underway, a chain link fence was erected around the construction area at a cost of $1,800, which is comprised of ten percent of the contingency fund.

Even with the increase in spending, the project is still within the budget provided by the grant money, Parsons said. Carbon County Special Transportation and Recreation District board requires the Sunnyside City Council to attend their monthly meetings to give updates on the project.

The district board approved $79,000 for the restroom project. Sunnyside was turned down by the district board on two different occasions during the meetings held in March and April before being approved for funding at a meeting held on May 3.

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