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A flood of pillowcases

(L to R) Children's Justice Center Director Shelley Wright, Connie Smith, Center Nursery Coordinator Denise Willstad and Jann Guptill inspect and fold the handmade pillowcases.

When the magazine American Patchwork and Quilting issued a challenge to its subscribers to make pillowcases for a worthy community cause, Connie Smith and Jann Guptill got to work. Ms. Smith published flyers and both ladies told all their contacts about the project they had in mind.

The call went out in early April, and by May 15 they counted 156 pillowcases in the collection.

They have delivered shipments to the Women's Shelter, Children's Justice Center and the Beehive House.

"Connie and I want to thank all the ladies who made and donated the pillowcases, Ms. Guptill said.

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