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Primary elections coming on quickly as candidates campaign for votes

Some Carbon County Democratic Party delegates meet during the Utah State Democratic Convention last month.

Sun Advocate publisher

A day of statewide primaries June 22 is quickly approaching, and it is obvious that many candidates are taking the election quite seriously.

Signs are popping up on fences, street corners and in people's yards all over the county.

Each major party will be having its own primary, but there are some vast differences in the offices that are being contested as well as in the rules of who can vote.

The Republican party will have a closed primary, meaning only those registered with the county as Republicans will be able to vote in the election.

The Democrats, on the other hand, will have an open primary. Anyone who is registered to vote, whether they be of either major party, an independent or of another third smaller party can vote.

However no one can vote in both elections on the same day.

Those seats being contested in the primary are also quite different between the parties.

The only race on the Republican ballot will be for the junior senator's position from Utah. In the May convention, incumbent Bob Bennett was tossed out of the race and on the ballot in June will be Tim Bridgewater and Mike Lee. Whoever wins this race will head to the November election as his party's candidate facing Democrat Sam Granato and Scott N. Bradley from the Constitution party.

The Democrats, however, will have a lot more on their plate locally and state race-wise. The much publicized contest between Claudia Wright, who is a challenger to five-term Congressman Jim Matheson, will heat up over the next few weeks and will culminate in a contest between the two for the Democratic nomination in district two. Whichever candidate comes out of the election will face Republican Morgan Philpot, Constitutional party candidate Randall Hinton and two non-affiliated challengers Dave Glissmeyer and Wayne Hill.

At a more local level two county commission nominations are being contested in the Democratic primary. The first is the nomination to the seat which present Carbon County Commissioner Bill Krompel has held for many years. Two untested candidates will be vying for that nomination in the persons of Dave Palacios and Dennis Dooley. One of them will face Jae Potter, a Republican in the November election.

The other commission seat that is up for election is presently held by John Jones, who is trying to head off a challenge for the Democratic nomination by Kyle Edwards. Whoever gets the nod from voters on June 22 will face Republican Travis Blackburn in November.

A race for the county recorders office in the Democratic party's runoff will actually determine the person who will hold that seat since there are no challengers from other parties in the November election. Incumbent Vicki Barnett will face challenger Stacy Romero for the job. The winners name will appear on the November 2 ballot, unopposed.

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