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Flowers on the grounds

Megan Tucker places a flower in front of an undecorated grave at the Scofield Cemetery on Saturday morning. While some groups are still making flowers, others are working throughout this week to be sure no grave in the county is without one. In the cases of Scofield, Mountain View, Clfiffview, Valley View and the Austrian Cemetery near Consumers Road, they have been covered. Volunteers are still needed to place flowers in some other cemeteries however.

This past weekend the project to place at least one flower on the estimated 25,000 graves in Carbon County began in earnest as groups of people rolled up to various cemeteries and begin the work.

The project, known as No Graves Unadorned, has developed legs of its own throughout the community. It's estimated that as many as 1,000 people have been involved in the making of the plastic flowers for graves over the last month and now some of them, along with other volunteers, are placing flowers throughout this week on graves, just in time for Memorial Day.

The number of flowers that had come into the Sun Advocate office by Monday afternoon counted near 18,000. The goal is to produce 20,000 to cover graves that have no decorations at all. While materials for a few thousand more flowers are still out, filling the manpower needs to actually put the flowers on graves goes on. The biggest need appears to be at the Price Cemetery where there are thousands upon thousands of graves to be attended to.

It also means that flowers that have been under construction by groups throughout the county need to be brought into the Sun Advocate office by Thursday so that there are enough to go around.

To keep track of the numbers of flowers brought in, each issue of the Sun Advocate has a flower vine printed in the far right column of the front page showing how many flowers have come in.

Anyone wishing to donate their time to make flowers or to place them on graves this week can contact Shayla Winder at 637-0732.

The volunteers that have donated their time have been tremendous. The papers staff looks forward to working with even more people over the next week to place flowers.

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