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Nielson Construction holds its first annual truck rodeo competition

Truckers had to complete eight different obstacles including narrow road tight squeeze. Members of the Carbon County Sheriff's Office watch closely as a driver makes his pass through the obstacle with precision and attention to details.

Nielson Construction held its first annual truck rodeo competition on Saturday, May 15 at the Carbon County Fairgrounds. The rodeo had 23 drivers competing to score the most points by completing a driving course with eight different obstacles to complete. The drivers who participated had to conquer obstacles such as offsetting the gate two times, a narrow road tight squeeze, going around a curb, backing up, dropping dirt, spike in the road testing the road grade and the crosswalk obstacle.

Drivers also had to complete a pre-trip inspection of a truck to make sure everything was working properly. Members of the Utah Highway Patrol and Carbon County Sheriff's Office helped keep score during the competition. The event, while a competition, promoted safe driving by the company and its drivers.

The results for the competition driving:

1st place: Doug Trease

2nd place: Eugene Winder

3rd place: Sean Cain

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