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Construction continues on various Castle Country roads

Motorists enjoy the newly constructed passing lanes at Sunnyside Junction. The days of being slowed down to almost a complete stop behind a semi are now over as the road now allows faster moving vehicles to pass slower ones without risk.

Various roadways in the Castle Country area are undergoing repairs. The construction season is nearing an end however, road crews will continue to work until the weather turns too cold.

Roadway work will continue on the south side of Highway 6 from Sheep Creek Road to Tucker Rest area. Traffic has been switched to the new pavement, but motorists are urged to pay close attention to the signage and markings that line this stretch of road.

Trucks will be entering and leaving the roadway at different areas of this project.

Excavation and grading operations are currently day shift only, Monday through Friday. Maintenance operations will be performed throughout the night.

Concrete barriers have been placed along portions of the project from mile post 196 to 200 which narrow the highway. Any oversized load concerns should be directed to the appropriate port-of-entry.

The current speed limit in this construction zone is 40 miles-per-hour and motorist must be prepared to stop.

While construction continues at this section of highway, motorists who travel the stretch of road located at Sunnyside Junction are experiencing smooth driving conditions. Construction has ended for the season at this section of roadway and newly formed passing lanes are in place. Motorist will no longer need to worry about the congestion which large semis create on this section of highway.

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