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Answer the question

By Robert L Warren
East Carbon City


I am writing this as an open letter to Mike Lee and Tim Bridgewater, Republican candidates for Utah Senator.

Utah's Republican delegates threw anti-gun Senator Bob Bennett to the curb. Conservative activists across the country are celebrating this success. Republicans are usually a solid supporter of the Second Amendment. However, you have ignored to answer National Association for Gun Rights' Federal Candidate Survey asking where you stand on gun rights and the second amendment.

You see, we are only one or two votes shy in the U.S. Senate of losing our right to keep and bear arms.We have the most anti-gun administration in nearly 20 years. The last time such a rabid anti-gunner was in charge in Washington, we got the Brady Bill, a ban on an entire class of semi-automatic hunting and target rifles, and millions of gun owners lost their rights.

A simple answer of yes or no will be sufficient, determining my upcoming vote for Utah Senator. In some cases, politicians refuse to answer the tough questions asked them. Unfortunately, when politicians refuse to answer, it virtually always means they would vote anti-gun if elected. Often, it is a sign that they are hiding their anti-gun views.

Therefore, the questions is, do you support Americans individual right to keep and bear arms?

Do you support banning semi-automatic sporting and hunting rifles?

Are you in favor of the U.N. gun controls that are right now looming over our head?

Should you continue to refuse to return the National Association for Gun Rights question, Utah gun owners should view the silence as anti-gun and vote accordingly.

I await your timely response.

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