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Street paving begins in Price as water line work nears completion

Construction crews have begun paving the roads where water line work has been completed, as seen here at 200 N 100 E. Price City Public Works Director Gary Sonntag said the water line project is ahead of schedule and under budget, which could allow for some extra work to be done around the city.

Sun Advocate reporter

Price City water line work is nearing completion in some areas of the city as construction crews are paving the streets where work has been completed.

Construction crews began paving roads where lines have been extracted last week, according to Gary Sonntag, Price City public works director. Because the project is under budget, they are considering doing more work. Other piping in areas around the city that are in need of repair would be in consideration for the extra work but everything is still to be determined, according to Sonntag.

"Everything is going as planned," Sonntag said. "We have good weather and a capable contractor."

The city is employing the use of an Asphalt Zipper which is helping cut costs by reusing the gravel dug up in areas where water pipes needed to be replaced and using it to cover the spots in the road until they can be paved.

Paving work has started in the areas around 200 N. between 200 E. and 100 W. The trenches in the streets range from eight to 20 feet long and workers are getting the trenches prepped before they can be paved.

The water line construction contract was awarded to Terry R. Brotherson Excavating, based out of Mount Pleasant, for $938,450.79. The work began on Feb. 1 and is expected to be finished in August of this year.

The water lines throughout the city date back to about 1924 and are in desperate need of repair, Sonntag said. The water line project will have about 12,000 feet of lines across parts of the city creating a connection to 248 homes.

Construction crews have run into a few obstacles, but nothing to delay the completion of the project. "We are still ahead of schedule with this project," Sonntag said.

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