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Having a ball raising money for kids

Sun Advocate publisher

The Annual Harvest Ball was held Saturday night at the Elks Lodge in Price and not only was it well attended but from the looks of the party-goers it was a fun evening.

All the money raised during the evening, from the dinner and dance, to the prizes and silent auction will go towards the children at the Family Support and Children's Justice Center. This is the Center's only fund raiser and about 235 people attended the gala events.

Prizes for the winning costumes were awarded. Around a dozen people were honored with gift certificates for their outstanding costumes. More than half of the attendees were dressed in costumes.

Coordinating the Ball was Terry Willis, director of the Center and her staff. The Family Support and Children's Justice Center is designed to be a resource for parents. "Our safe homelike environment is a place to find help during times of crisis and services to prevent other crisis situations," says Willis.

There were so many incredible costumes that names of those pictured were not provided, some of them remaining anonymous throughout the evening.

The Family support and Children's Center helps parents take control of their lives and strengthen their parenting and coping skills.

Crisis care is the number one priority for using the nursery before all other reasons. The nursery is designed to provide a safe, homelike setting where parents can bring their children when the family is in a stressful situation.

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