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Fill the Flower Buckets

Tia Brown and Natalie Paddock hold buckets filled with flowers while standing in front of hundreds of buckets that have nothing in them as of yet. The No Grave Unadorned project has hundreds of people working on it, but can always use a few more to donate an hour, a few hours or a day to help out.

Buckets. Hundreds of 'em.

They're stacked at the Sun Advocate office just waiting to be filled with flowers made by the community. They're there because the Sun Advocate is sponsoring a project to make sure no grave in the county's cemeteries are without at least one flower this Memorial Day.

The project called "No Grave Unadorned" includes not only making the flowers but finding volunteers to help place them on graves in cemeteries across the county the week before Memorial Day, starting with Saturday, May 22.

To keep track of the numbers of flowers made and brought in, each issue of the Sun Advocate has a Flower Vine printed in the far right column of the front page showing how many flowers have come in. It is estimated that 20,000 flowers will be needed to place one on every previously undecorated grave.

Anyone wishing to donate their time to make flowers or to place them on graves the week of May 22-31 can contact Shayla Winder at 637-0732.

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