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Public Notice

Whispering Pines Fuels Environmental Assessment
Notice of Decision
USDA Forest Service
Manti-La Sal National Forest
Sanpete Ranger District
Sanpete County, Utah

	The Whispering Pines Fuels Project Decision Notice and Finding of No
Significant Issues was signed on May 2, 2010 by Pamela Brown Forest
Supervisor. This project is an authorized fuels reduction project as
defined by the Healthy Forest Restoration Act of 2003, section 101(2).

	The Preferred Alternative was selected. alternative consists of
approximately 132 acres of hazardous fuels reduction treatments and
actions to improve safety for the public and firefighters including:
1) a 40 acre shaded fuelbreak in the pinyon-juniper-oakbrush cover
type, (2) a 6 acre shaded fuelbreak in the aspen/mixed conifer cover
type, (3) 75 acres of disconnected fuel treatment patches in the
pinyon-juniper-oakbrush cover type, (4) 11 acres of ladder fuel
reduction in the aspen cover type, and (5) reconstruction of Forest
Development Road (FDR) 51077 to provide an alternate escape route  and
installation of a crash gate at the intersection of FDR 51077 and
Spring Canyon Road.  

	Copies of the Decision Notice, the EA, and specialist reports may be
obtained by writing or calling the Sanpete District offices, 540 N.
Main, Ephraim, Utah (phone: 435-283-4151) or may be viewed on the
Internet at

	Additional information about the project may also be obtained from
the project leader (Diane Cote) at the Sanpete District office.
Published in the Sun Advocate May 6, 2010.

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