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Funding comes to Sunnyside

Sun Advocate reporter

After months of trying to secure funding for the construction of new bathrooms at the little league field, the Sunnyside City Council can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

The council's request for funding was approved at the Carbon County Recreation and Transportation Special Service District meeting on Monday afternoon, according to Polly Sanderson, Sunnyside city recorder.

The district board approved $79,000 for the restroom project. Sanderson, who attended the meetings on behalf of the city council, was turned down by the district board on two different occasions during the meetings held in March and April. The board requested that Sunnyside receive bids for the work and present all information about the project before it would be approved for funding.

The Sunnyside City Council awarded the bid to Nelco Contractors, from Price, for $64,930. The funding also helps cover $6,900 for engineering and a contingency of $7,160. Ten percent of the contingency will be used to help install standalone fencing around the construction while the little league games are being played.

The contingency cannot be allocated without deliberation and permission from both the city council and the Special Services District. Sunnyside also agreed to fund all maintenance and operations, as well as paying for insurance.

The start date of the construction is still to be determined.

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