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Dino cross country team finished season off with successful performance at state finals

Sports writer

David Goodrich, Isaac Goodrich, Joe Palmer and Scott Terry warm up for the state 3A finals. These athletes were the top four finishers in the meet for Carbon High. Isaac Goodrich finished in sixth place at the state meet to lead the Dinos.

The Carbon High cross country team finished the season by competing at the state finals in Salt Lake City last Wednesday afternoon. The top runners from Carbon competed and the event was very competative as the best runners in the state duked it out for a state title.

The boys team had a successful meet as they finished in 10th place. Leading the team was Isaac Goodrich who placed sixth. From the minute the gun fired to the crossing of the finish line, the race was quite close. In fact, Goodrich was only eight seconds out of second place.

Scott Terry ran with Goodrich for the first two miles of the race, then he faded in the last mile. Terry finished the state final race in 20th place.

David Goodrich finished with an excellent time ot 18 minutes, 11.4 seconds and finished in 56th place out of 110 runners.

Dino coaches Elias Perez and Stewart Foster expect for Goodrich to be a dominant runner for Carbon next spring. He has shown many improvements during the cross country season and should have a big impact on the Dinos running team.

The number four runner for Carbon was Joe Palmer who finished in 84th place. Palmer was followed by Ted Prettyman who placed 87th.

The girls team also ran hard but failed to finish in the top 10. In fact, the girls placed 15th as a team at the state meet.

The Dinos front runner, Melanie Madsen struggled during the state race. Madsen has lead the girls team in each meet this season and did so again at the state finals. She did have a difficult time however and finished in 38th place. Although not a bad finish, Dino coaches had expected Madsen to finish quite higher. Regardless, Madsen is a talented runner who is dedicated to the sport. She will bounce back strong as ever.

Ashley Rowley was the second Dino runner to cross the finish line for the team. Rowley placed 57th in the final meet of the cross country season.

Elizabeth Brooks placed 79th and was followed by Janelle Bates in 91st place and Brittany Horrocks in 96th. Audrey Oliver was the final runner to cross the finish line for the Dinos as she placed 101st in the event.

Cross country is a unique sport which requires athletes to be in top condition. The three mile course takes runners across dirt, pavement, grass and through valleys and over hills. This is a sport which only dedicated athletes compete in and the Dino team this season has proved just how talented they are. Coach Perez has lead a team of talented athletes through a successful season.

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