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Flower power

Marva Farrell sits by a box of flowers she made for the "No Graves Unadorned" project that will be taking place the week of May 22 through 31.

The Sun Advocate sponsored project to make sure no grave in the county's cemeteries is without at least one flower this Memorial Day is moving ahead at full speed due to the help of schools, service groups, religious organizations and individuals.

Almost 1500 individually made flowers have come into the newpaper's office already and materials for 10,000 more are out in the field, some being made this very moment.

Most of what has come in so far is from individuals like Susan Jackson of Carbonville who has already made 800 flowers and plans on making hundreds more.

The project called "No Grave Unadorned" includes not only making the flowers but finding volunteers to help place them on grave in cemeteries across the county the week before Memorial Day.

Anyone wishing to donate their time from an hour to a day that week can contact DeAnna Duncan at 637-0732 Ext. 20.

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