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In all the years I was the sports editor for this paper, I was never more disappointed than I was in the baseball establishment in this county than I was last Thursday night.

For those five years from 2000-2005, I found for the most part cooperation when we were trying to help the sport of baseball. Sure we had good times and bad times, winning seasons and losing seasons and sometimes some little scandals in the baseball world here in Carbon County.

But never did I not see teams show up the way they didn't on Thursday. To what you say? To a meeting in which we were offering to do unprecedented coverage of baseball for this summer including every league that took to the field.

In years past we have been roundly criticized for not covering little league, softball leagues, Babe Ruth and other summer hard and softball play. When we were informed of what was going on we always tried to be there. But that was part of the problem. We never knew where to go, whom to talk to, nor even what leagues existed except through generally nasty phone calls telling us that we didn't care about kids or baseball in our community.

So after hearing it all again last summer we decided to set up a meeting for all leagues to attend so that we could get info, know league leaders and get schedules, teams lists, etc. The meeting was advertised in almost every issue of the paper from around the middle of March until the day of the meeting.

Not one person showed up; not one. No phone calls either. So parents, when you call this year to complain that we didn't cover a game or an event, we will refer you to your league officials because we are no longer responsible for that of which we have not been informed.

The door, however is still open to leagues who really care. Call us at 637-0732.

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