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Food for thought

Alex Tryon, 14, stands next to a container holding cans of food that were donated for her "I can with one can" idea to help fill keep the shelves at the food bank filled all year round.

Sun Advocate reporter

I think I can.... I think I can.... I think I can....

It's a phase that is often heard when people are trying to achieve a goal or objective that they set out to accomplish.

But one Carbon County girl takes a different route from that phrase.

"I can with one can."

Alex Tryon, 14, an eighth grader at Mont Harmon, is looking to help fill the shelves at the local food bank in an effort to help those in need. Her goal is to have the community help donate one can of food for each person in Price.

"I never thought I would do something like this," Tryon said. "I thought I could help make a difference, using one can of food to help feed families."

Tryon, the reigning Miss Outstanding Teen Carbon County, came up with the idea as part of her platform for her upcoming competition for Miss Outstanding Teen Utah in October. The platform, one part of the judging process in the competition, accounts for about 35 percent.

"It has to be something that you believe in, putting all of your energy into it," Tryon said. "It's going to be a lot of work."

Coming up with an idea to help others in need may have been the easiest part for Tryon. The hardest part came when she visited the local food bank and saw how empty the shelves were.

"I was heartbroken," Tryon said. "I wanted to help because I don't want to see families go hungry."

With her idea just beginning to take shape, Tryon has placed boxes to collect the canned goods out in the community at city hall. Everyday Tryon is receiving messages in support of her idea, including businesses in the community inquiring about having boxes placed at their business.

Tryon has three goals for the idea: fill the shelves at the food bank, see families have access to the food and be happy at home and just be a part of something that helps people in the community.

"I think it's really cool to see her doing this," said Laurie Tryon, Alex's mother. "It's great to see her take notice of an issue like this as a teenager. Everyone is not as fortunate as she is and I hope she understands that."

Alex is hoping her idea continues to spread around the community and gets more people to become involved in helping fill the shelves at the food bank.

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