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Read the health care bill

By Mel Coonrod


I will turn 65 this year. Between Carbon and Emery counties, I have lived in southeastern Utah for 40 years and have never attended a political party meeting. I consider myself to be an Independent.

I have a wife, son, and three dogs. It has always been my opinion we are all Independents. We vote for the person not the party. This year, I have been very concerned about the direction our country is headed. It is the first time in my life that I'm worried if our country can survive this administration. I feel strongly that we need to elect all new people and start over!

On the lighter side, I would like to share a true story. I'll admit it's not totally original.

Last Sunday, I went out in my back yard and an area that my three dogs use to recreate in all year. The snow was finally gone and I observed a great many piles that needed to be disposed of. This took at least two hours. At that point, I went into the garage and opened a forty pound bag of dog food, topped off their food bowls, filled their water dishes and checked the heat lamp over their doggie beds. At last, I went into the dining room and poured myself a drink and sat down to write out checks to pay bills. The third bill I went to pay was from our veterinarian for our dogs regular check up and shots.

As I was writing this check, I realized my dogs were Democrats. I clean up their messes, provide housing, food, utilities and their medical care.

Does any one else have a problem with this picture? Read the Obama health care bill.

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