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Need national insurance

By M.L. (Joe) Stock
East Carbon


Once again, I am compelled to answer Robert Warren's editorial (Letters to the editor, March 23, 2010, Sun Advocate).

I have not had access to this new bill. I am personally satisfied with my own coverage. I belong to the Rio Grande Hospital Association. I pay $630 dollars a quarter for excellent coverage.

A friend of mine drew $1,100 dollars a month social security. She was with Educators Mutual Insurance Company and after she had a stroke her premiums went up $550 dollars a month. She had to sell her home and move into an assisted living center. What I am deeply concerned about is the 45 million Americans who do not have health insurance; the countless numbers of my fellow citizens who are suffering and dying every year from lack of insurance. The only thing I have against this bill is that it did not go far enough.

I have thought for at least 50 years that what this country needed more than any other thing is a national insurance like every other civilized industrial country. If we took all of our troops out of every other country and just used theirs to defend our country we could save more than enough to pay for national health coverage.

I would also like to know what scripture Tom McCourt read that said "God created our beautiful red rock wilderness that the Indians lived on for thousands of years just so the oil company could ravage it."

I would like (to thank) the Sun Advocate for printing both sides of every issue and running an excellent small town newspaper.

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