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Scofield looking for elusive toilet

Sun Advocate reporter

SCOFIELD - Not exactly flushed with success, after trying on "numerous occasions to find a location" for a restroom on the south end of the Scofield Reservoir, an advocate for the Scofield Water Quality Committee (SWQC) made a plaintive appeal to the Carbon County Commission at its April 7 regular meeting.

Dave Levanger, Carbon County Director of Planning told the board that the SWQC was formed in 1999 and was working to arrange the management of a privy facility in that area. So far, though, a permanent restroom has not been erected. With only $22,000 left in an account for such an expense, however, it's not likely to be built, either.

Instead, Levanger, who helped put up a sign earlier, proposed a chain link fence by the dumpster station to keep trash from blowing onto the scenic byway, but the panel was skeptical.

"I'd like to see a steel structure built over the dumpster," said commissioner Mike Milovich. "I don't think a chain link fence will do the job."

Even more wary, commissioner Bill Krompel added, "Will all of these projects come in at under $22,000?" And commissioner John Jones wanted to see a plan before the panel went through the bidding process.

Krompel indicated that the board would also have to make a decision on the property, as well. Does the county want to own it and maintain it, he queried. In the end, the panel decided to table the matter, submit their concerns to the Utah Dept. of Transportation (UDOT).

Krompel was still a bit incredulous regarding the funds, however. "Twenty-two thousand dollars does not go very far in construction these days," he bemoaned.

The group also filled a vacancy on the Special Transportation district, choosing Dennis Christiansen to replace the retiring Sam Quigly.

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