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Green Team explains its recycling efforts

Here sits one of the two recycling trailers that will soon be made for the public to dispose of paper products and aluminum cans. No glass, cardboard or cereal boxes will be accepted.

Sun Advocate reporter

Carbon County is going to start getting a bit greener beginning this weekend, April 9-11.

The Carbon County Green Team is finalizing plans on implementing one of their major projects involving recycling in the county this weekend. The group is about to start placing modified trailers, five feet by eight feet in diameter, in areas around Price that residents will be able to recycle materials such as aluminum cans, newspapers, phone books, magazines and more.

"I thought the trailers turned out awesome," said Boardmember Wade Williams.

Currently the team has two trailers that are ready to be put into use with another one a month away from being ready. The first trailer is currently scheduled to put into place this Saturday in the parking lot of Sutherland's, according to Green Team board member Ryan Peterson. The second trailer will be located at the Market Express Chevron service station on 121 N. Carbonville Road. Also within the next month, a third trailer, once completed, will be located at the Sinclair station, 850 S. Carbon Avenue.

"All of the trailers will have good visibility within the community," said member Kris Kiahtipes.

The trailers have built in slots on the sides which allow for residents to drive by and drop off materials. The openings for aluminum cans allows for one can to be put in at a time, which boardmembers agreed could be time consuming.

Williams brought up an example of recycling in St. George where the recycling center experienced a lot of cross contamination with materials not allowed being put in with the accepted recyclable material.

"I know we are trying to avoid cross contamination, but I also want people to use the trailers for recycling," Kiahtipes said.

Kiahtipes said that future trailers could possibly have doors on them to help residents be able to dispose of their recyclables more quickly.

She suggested having a possible chute on the trailer which would allow residents to hold a garbage bag above it, pouring the contents into the trailer, instead of having to put cans in one at a time. Williams said that putting doors on the trailers would cost more money, but agreed with Kiahtipes's idea that the doors would save people time.

The group has no plans to accept cardboard at any of the recycling trailers, Williams said.

"Our hope is that the people in the county would take their cardboard to the trash compactors," Williams said.

The group has spent more than $1,400 on signage, both on the trailers and signs that will hang in the nearby area notifying residents that recycling is accepted. The sponsors of the recycling project that donated money for the signage include Price City, ConocoPhillips and In & Out Inspections.

The Green Team has been working on the recycling project since its inception in February 2009. While they are eager to possibly expand by acquiring more trailers for recycling, Williams said a time frame would be useful to see how the community uses the service.

"We should probably wait for at least six months to see how things are working before we move forward with getting more trailers for recycling," Williams said.

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