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Special events on conclave agenda

Sun Advocate reporter

Helper City is working on getting ordinances on the books regarding how to handle special events are to be handled.

During the council meeting held April 1, Jinni Fontana Lund - representing Quick Throttle Magazine - came before the council to propose a rally the magazine is looking to hold in Helper. At the last council meeting there was talk of finalizing ordinances so the city will be better prepared for such events.

Quick Throttle is partnering with Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) and are looking to have between 200-600 people attend.

The group is looking to start small but with hopes of holding the bike run annually. Councilmen Chris Pugliese did express some concern about the initiative. "I don't know if our community is ready for something like this," he said. "It's wonderful that people want to hold events here but we need to have better ordinances on the books."

Mayor Dean Armstrong expressed that when the agenda reached the ordinance issues, the council decided to hold a work meeting later in the month to discuss and finalize their views on how to proceed with it.

City beautification was on the agenda and $1,260 was given to the project. Project managers also requested funds for banners to hang from the light posts year round. The design for potential banners was copied from Price City.

The cost for each banner was said to be $80 with mounting brackets costing an additional $30. With Helper having limited funds, the banner issue was tabled until further review of funding and ways to cut the cost.

The city's bidding process was also discussed after Price City had some issues about wording in their bid requests. Helper wanted to include the clause that would allow business to go to local companies if the cost was within a certain percentage of the next lowest bid. The council is still discussing the issue and will be voted on during the next meeting.

Dave Johnsen, on behalf of the Helper Arts Festival, presented the council with ideas for a promenade that would allow pedestrians to walk through the street and look at exhibits from various artists.

He also wants to have a beer garden in addition to a wine garden for the first time. Permits must be granted by the state before the council can proceed with anything. Police Chief Trent Anderson gave his support once proper permits are attained.

He also wants to bring artists into the park and have a designated food court. The council approved the measure and the permit process will begin shortly.

Denise Chavez came to the meeting hoping for her property line to be moved. A rock house was originally said to be part of property when purchased. Chavez has made some improvements to the structure and subsequently her taxes went up.

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