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Up on the roof...

The new MRI machine, above, is lifted to the roof and is about to be lowered through a hole that was installed to place it inside the building.

Castleview Hospital got a new addition to their equipment inventory recently. It was an in-house MRI facility.

This means those having MRI's will no longer have to go "to the trailer" that used tobe parked outside the hospital to have procedures with the machine done there. This 960 square foot addition has allowed the hospital to bring an improved high-definition magnetic resonance system to Castleview Hospital.

The new GE Healthcare's Signa HDE 1.5 MR system provides physicians with enhanced clinical and productivity advantages, while creating a platform for new technologies and applications.

Typical Signa HDE 1.5 MR system procedures include neurological/brain imaging, spine studies, orthopedic-including all extremities and joints, including hands, pelvis MRIs for males and females, abdominal exams including MRCP, specialized vascular applications (MRA), functional and spectroscopic imaging and breast imaging.

For the patient this means: added comfort and easier exam positions with it's generous 60cm patient opening and full 45 cm field of view, reduced rescanning/ redundant exams due to patient or organ motion, docking table and dual sided comfort for efficiency and patient safety, plus enhanced visual imaging (improved image quality).

The new modular unit was built in Indiana and shipped to Price where it was attached directly to the existing structure.

The magnet was roof loaded. Crews later finished roof and exterior work on-site. The new unit will be up and running April 5.

The total cost for construction and the new equipment was $1.5 million.

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