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Eastern Utah welds vocational title to mantle

From left to right; Damian Olsen, Dexter Thayn, Jesse Bigelow, Austin Welch, Shawn Devereaux, Chad Cloward, Taylor Behling and Dylan Olson took gold in the welding competition.

Sun Advocate reporter

SALT LAKE CITY - When it comes to winning, CEU welders know all about it. Last weekend (March 27-28), the department sent eight students to participate in the annual Skills USA competition in Salt Lake City, and they returned with eight gold medals, according to Mike Tryon, a CEU welding instructor.

"All these young men spent approximately four months training two to three hours a day outside of our regular college time preparing for these competitions," Tryon said.

"If you can find a student with excellent work ethics, an overwhelming amount of dedication combined with a vicious competitive nature.... you have the ability to produce champions," he added.

In welding fabrication team secondary level (high school, students attending CEU), Damian Olsen, Dexter Thayn and Austin Welch took home gold.

In the welding fabrication team post-secondary, (CEU freshmen and sophomores), Taylor Behling, Chad Cloward and Shawn Deveraux earned top honors.

In the individual welding competition Jesse Bigelow won the secondary level while Dylan Olson earned first place in the post secondary level.

Each team is required to be skilled with common fabrication tools, drawings, welding symbols and these welding processes: GMAW (gas-metal Arc welding), FCAW (flux-cored arc welding), SMAW (shielded-metal arc welding), GTAW (gas-tungsten arc welding), and OFC (oxyfuel cutting).

They were giving different materials and required to use 90 percent of those materials. For the individual welding contest each student received a set of drawings with specific instructions to run through a series of timed stations to build a steel project utilizing FCAW, SMAW, GMAW, GTAW and OFC processes according to a CEU press release.

Other students from CEU received medals in their respective fields. Anthony Procarione received a silver medal in customer service.

He is an automotive student at CEU. Myka Potter took home silver this year in the automotive service technology field as did Joe Bennett in diesel equipment technology.

Sheraya Barajas and Kelton Wells brought home gold for the Eagles in the Audio Production field.

They defeated upper class men with a 50 point lead over their next competitors.

Skills USA state championships were held at the Salt Lake Community College campus March 25 and 26. The College of Eastern Utah has done well in the areas of audio production, welding, auto mechanics and cosmetology.

This year proved to be no different as CEU took home several awards in those fields.

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