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Letters to the editor: Know about the law

By Tony Stoiber


Recently, Carbon County was said to have not only the laziest people in the state of Utah, but also the most ill informed.

I am in my mid-sixties, lived in Price for over 30 years, and have been employed by the same local concrete construction company for over 20 years. Despite the economy the company, through hard work, is still in business. The people I know: construction workers, coal miners, convenience store workers, as well as police and professionals, all work very hard for the good of the community. We are not perfect, but not anyone is, unless they are from up North!

Example? (The Salt Lake Tribune Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010 page B4 column 1, by Nate Carlisle) Lehi Justice Court Judge Garry Sampson removes his gun from its holster and pointed it at the bailiff "for several seconds." The article goes on to say that Sampson "accepts full responsibility and is extremely remorseful." The Utah Supreme Court Chief Justice Christine Durham signed a formal reprimand letter.

How wonderful!

If a common citizen did what Judge Garry Sampson did he/she would be arrested on assault/aggravated assault charges, capped and taken to jail. This I know from actual experience.

There is something very wrong with the system. Removing a loaded pistol from its holster and pointing it at another person is a very serious crime, but then again Garry Sampson is a judge, and it was just a joke, so he goes on with his life not being convicted of a felony. Just a slap on the wrist. If I were one of the city officials that appointed Sampson to the bench, I would have him removed immediately and file criminal charges. Justice is supposed to be blind and apply to all!

Unfortunately, I am only an idiot from Carbon County. We do know, however, when the civil law has been broken.

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