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Letters to the editor: Western Play Grounds

By Sam Jackson


From their motley bully pulpits, from their soap box on the street, from the tel-e-vision stations, from the daily printed sheet, come grim tales of decimation of the "Playgrounds for elite"!

Gruesome pictures of a sagebrush sagging underneath a "Pie" that was showered down upon it from dispensers in the sky.

Such disgusting devastation causes city souls to cry.

Then from booklets and the I-net, more excruciating news barking out the devastation seen by slanted urban views: "Our environs being wasted by crude cows and scroungy ewes!"

Never showing hillside photos where the stately pine once stood razed to cater to the wealthy flocking where the skiing's good. Seems this plunder doesn't bother if it suits the brotherhood.

Since their hundred zillion acres that was once a green retreat has been covered up with concrete so's ta shield their dainty feet now would gobble up our western lands by methods indiscreet.

So, I'd like to ask a question, at the risk of bein' rude, that will probably be seen by some as 'Westerly' and cru.

If these lands are just for 'Playin' - Where we gonna get our food?

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