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Author of 'Crystal Moon' in eastern Utah area

Move over Twilight - Price City Library will showcase Utah's hottest new fantasy author, Phillip Jones.

The timing couldn't be better for Utah to have another author explode onto the scene of fantasy writing. Phillip Jones' new fantasy series, Worlds of the Crystal Moon, is taking Utah by storm. On Wednesday, March 24 Jones will be visiting with students from Carbon County. He's been invited to the Carbon High morning Book Club breakfast and other local school workshops throughout the day.

Then starting at 6 p.m. Jones will be at the Price City Library (159 East Main) speaking about his series and signing copies of the first two books.

Unconventional, Jones has allowed his fans to become a part of the writing process.

"Along the way, I have given the fans of the Crystal Moon the freedom to give input," he said. "This personal feedback has quickly grown into the next big phenomenon with talks of feature films to be shot here in our beloved state."

The Worlds of the Crystal Moon was spawned from a nightmare," says Jones. "I was disoriented and felt the reality I returned to was still, somehow, a part of the fantasy I just escaped. I had to write it down. This series will be the next epic adventure, but with one big difference. I want Utah to benefit and to create jobs in a tough economy. I would like to see the feature films shot in our great state."

The story takes place on five new worlds which have been created after the Great Destruction of Everything Known. The "so-called" gods who managed to survive the God Wars have created this new, smaller solar system and now, the Crystal Moon governs everything.

When the pieces of the Crystal Moon are stolen and its pieces are scattered, the last three earthlings who have been spared the devastation are asked to go after its pieces, but beware, power is everything and a game of the gods has begun.

To learn more about the series visit, then stop in at the library to personally meet Phillip Jones and discover first hand the excitement embracing this new epic fantasy series.

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