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Sunnyside wants to clean up its act

Houses with garbage and junk strewed about are things the Sunnyside City Council wants to do away with if possible.

Sun Advocate reporter

As the spring season arrives, cleaning up the house becomes a priority after the long winter months. That's what the Sunnyside City Council wants residents to do.

The council talked about the spring yard cleanup at their bi-weekly meeting, Tuesday, March 16, hoping to see residents maintain their yards as the snow melts away and days become longer. Councilmembers expressed interest in seeing yards being maintained and kept up.

Residents will be notified during a one month period, from April 1-30, to maintain their yards to comply with the cleanup ordinance.

Councilmember Shari Madrid said that residents will be notified through the city and on the back of utility bills on what they need to do to comply with the ordinance.

Letters from the city would be sent out to homes that are not complying with the cleanup ordinance, Madrid said.

During the first week of May, residents who are not in compliance with the ordinance would be issued a citation for not maintaining their residence.

They would have 20 days to comply and an inspection by the city would be done to see if compliance is being met.

Those not in compliance with the ordinance would be issued a class B misdemeanor and a possible fine as decided by a judge.

Madrid said that the process of checking a residence through an inspection and then having the homeowner follow through with the ordinance could possibly drag for a few months.

Councilmember Tony Riffle was concerned that weather will keep many homeowners from being able to comply with the ordinance.

"Right now it is too muddy for cleanup to take place and I think the town should wait to start issuing citations until conditions are better," Riffle said.

Other issues brought up among the councilmembers that could affect cleanup included money and having a dump truck available to help with hauling away material people need to get rid of.

Councilmember Kelly Maynes said that while some properties are worse than others at the moment, the 20 day time frame to comply is "very generous."

"They (the homeowners) can clean up well in that time," he said.

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