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Sunnyside in a 'daze'

Sun Advocate reporter

Community Daze, an annual event shared between Sunnyside and East Carbon, was a major topic of discussion at the Sunnyside City Council meeting Tuesday night.

The event is scheduled to take place on July 10 and features a breakfast in the park sponsored by the Sunnyside Credit Union at 7 a.m., followed by a parade at 10 a.m. The event also includes booths, games, a car show and other entertainment during the day-long event.

In anticipation of the event, the council spent a majority of time at the meeting going over potential issues such as parking and what can be sold at the booths that could arise in both the lead up to and during Community Daze.

The parking issue resonated with many council members due to past experiences, including two years ago when Community Daze was last held in Sunnyside.

"I remember I was out there trying to help out with the parking," said Councilmember Shari Madrid. "It was totally out of control."

To avoid having the same problem this year, councilmembers discussed solutions that can be put into place well before the event arrives. Councilmember Froy Garcia suggested creating a big sign that tells people where to put their show cars and where they should park their vehicles. Councilmembers Tony Riffle and Madrid both said that the rules for the event must be made well in advance and enforced during the entire day. Riffle said he wanted to avoid having motor homes and trailers taking up large amounts of space in the parking lot, causing other visitors to have to park farther away.

"When everything is laid out for the event, that's how it is," Riffle said. "Just enforce it (the rules). People need to get there early if they want to get a specific parking spot."

Madrid suggested that only show cars be allowed in the area where the car show is taking place. All of the trucks and trailers will need to be parked elsewhere.

"Enforcement is the key. We have to take control of it from the start," Madrid said. "When you let one person do something, then it can start getting out of control."

People who want a booth will need to apply in advance which the council wants, preventing a large number of booths from selling the same items. Booths will cost $75 with power provided and those without power cost $50. Booth owners will be given packets that include information about the event, permits they need during the event and sales tax information from the state.

Spots for the booths will be marked ahead of time, Councilmember Kelly Maynes said. Booths can be setup at 9 a.m. on the day of Community Daze. People who want a booth will need to contact the Sunnyside Credit Union. Maynes said this would help in knowing what the booths will be selling, where they will be located and who the spot belongs to for the event.

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