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Water hike discussed

Sun Advocate reporter

Prior to the Wellington City Council meeting on the public was advised of rates rising for their secondary water usage.

Members of the community were in attendance to have their grievances heard and questions answered.

One point that arose more than once was the subject of fixed incomes. Living on a fixed income does not fit well with tax hikes and increased cost of living.

The issue of drawing new residents to Wellington was addressed, as well, and it was noted that if people are going to want to move into the city the cost of living must be equal if not lower than surrounding areas in the county.

"The rates that residents have been paying never paid for the secondary system. The shortfall was covered by the general fund but now the general fund is empty," Councilmen Glen Wells said.

Grants are available for new construction projects that would allow the city to develop their own water system to become independent of PRWID.

The council will look into the feasibility of constructing the system.

Service contracts for city vehicles are going to be awarded to Quicklube of Wellington. The contracts will cover oil changes and general maintenance. Bids for new tires will be sent out and awarded when needed.

Former Mayor Karl Houskeeper used a cell phone provided by the city. Current Mayor Ben Blackburn asked the council for a stipend to cover the increase of his bill because of calls made concerning city business.

Mayor Blackburn has been actively working trying to reverse the legislation that caused Wellington to lose a large portion of their tax base. In 2008, the legislation passed a law repealing the taxation on new mining equipment and repairs on said equipment. Blackburn will be attending an interim meeting to discuss possibilities of instituting new taxes on industry. The state legislature won't allow Wellington to raise taxes without their consent.

Jake Jensen came before the council to apply for a business license, as his Semi Service will cater to semi-tractors coming through the city.

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