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One and done for CEU women

Golden Eagle freshman guard Bruna Deichmann, left, tries to move the ball past guard Allie Finch of Snow College in first-round action of the SWAC tournament last week. Despite taking an early lead, CEU fell to the Badgers, 92-69, and were eliminated from further competition.

Sun Advocate sports reporter

To the excitement of the local fans, the CEU Lady Eagles came out on fire in their first tournament game against Snow on Thursday evening.

Unfortunately for the fans, the fire flickered out too soon and CEU went one and out in SWAC action, losing to the Badgers 92-69 in the first round of play.

Things started off well for the Lady Eagles on Thursday night. The ball found its way easily through the net for CEU and their defense denied Snow many opportunities to score. CEU was quickly up by eight. But at about the four-minute mark, CEU's Libby Alon was crossing in the back court and she collided with a Badger player and she went down with a knee injury.

Between losing a key player and the game delay while she was tended to, CEU seemed to lose the spark that had propelled them to the early lead.

Quickly they went cold and the shots that had been hitting nothing but net now were spinning around the iron and heading into the hands of Snow. By the half the Lady Eagles were in a 15-point hole.

CEU came out a shot better in the second half, but the Badgers smelled blood and didn't let up. A few small runs at the lead pulled the Eagles within 11 several times, but at the end of the game the lead blossomed back to 25.

Bruna Deichmann was the top scorer for CEU with 17 points. Kaylie Robison finished her CEU career with 11 points, nine boards, three blocks and two steals. Savana Gines added 11 points and five assists.

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