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Animals in your care

By Nadine Morris


Do you have an animal in your care? If you do please get up right now and check on them. Do they have water and food? Can they get to shelter? Is their area clean? Do you realize that all these animals look forward to all day long is a visit from you?

As the weather warms and I cover more area while walking, I am hurt and dismayed at the level of cruelty in Carbon County. From goats to cats and everything in between I see them chained to fences and poles where their owners were not even smart enough to put the water or food out of the drag line so the food and water don't get tipped over and frozen in the chain. I saw a baby goat chained to a fence that he had climbed over and hanged himself. I saw a 40 by 60 foot yard and two dogs in a 3 by 5 area standing in 4" of feces with no food or water.

These animals did not choose you, you chose them. They deserve good care. It is not enough to say I have pets or animals. All they want is food, shelter, and your love. If you don't want them find someone who does or take them to the shelter. I am always amazed when someone says they are afraid the animal might be euthanized. There are far worse things than death for some of these animals.

Human beings are supposed to be the superior species, the ones with a soul. From what I've seen, the lack of compassion and treatment of those in our care that superiority is in question.

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