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Amazing gas prices

By Gene Lessar


It is simply amazing how the gas prices in Price are within a couple of cents of each other. It also amazes me how they all raise their prices within hours of each other. This accounts for at least four different oil companies.

On Feb. 13 and 14 in Kemmerer, Wyo. the price of gas varied from $2.55/gallon to $2.74/gallon. These stations did not seem to have to hold their prices within three or four cents of each other. They are the same oil companies that we have here in Price. Why the difference? We all know these companies would not try to manipulate these prices.

Why is it that you can buy a gallon of milk in Smiths (SLC), for the same price as here in Price, but gas is seven cents cheaper. Gas actually dropped two to three cents a gallon in Kemmerer and Evanston since last week.

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