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PRWID Expects CIB to Fund Local Projects

Staff reporter

Eight sewer projects to provide service to more than 70 residences in unincorporated county areas should be completed next year if Price River Water Improvement District obtains the money it expects to receive from the Utah Community Impact Board.

"It looks good for us to get the money from the CIB to get these projects done," indicated Phil Palmer, water improvement district general manager.

"I am going to work on getting a little better deal on the money that is available, but I think they have come to a tentative conclusion on giving us the best that we can get right now," pointed out Palmer.

The CIB met recently and looked at funding proposals from a number of communities and organizations. PRWID wanted to get the projects, valued at $1.1 million dollars, funded by grant money.

But the CIB trimmed all submitted proposals and divided the projects into a combination of grant money and low interest loans. While final approval for the transaction has not been granted by the CIB, it appears PRWID will receive $500,000 in grant monies and the remaining $600,000 in a low interest 2.5 percent loan.

The projects will bring sewer lines to unserved areas. Many of the places where the lines presently come close to residences, but not near enough for the houses to hook onto directly.

The projects include:

• 950 East, north of U.S. Highway 6 and east of Wellington.

•Bawdenville area east of the Price city limits.

•Two locations in Carbonville, one at 750 North and 750 West and one near Mountain States Road.

•Three sites in Spring Glen, 4340 North on Spring Glen Road, 4420 North and 1800 West along with an extension at Haycock Wash.

An improvement project that will fall under the money is to fix some problems at the Mud Flats lift station south of Price.

If the CIB approves the funding package, the cost to pay back the loan will be PRWID's non-incorporated county area customers. That would mean an increase of $1.55 per month per hookup for 20 years to pay back the loan portion of the money.

Palmer suggested to the board that it would be a good idea to begin the engineering studies and planning on these projects before the money was actually awarded so that the study could be done by December. The projects could be bid out in mid-winter and the bidder or bidders selected and ready to start them in the spring. He told them the engineering for the projects would total $92,500

Several PRWID board members, however, had questions about how the district could spend the money for the study without the CIB funding being awarded.

Board representative Guido Rachiele suggested the engineering study be conducted with the company doing it understanding that no money will be paid until the CIB gives the district the funds.

Most of the panel agreed with the idea, but Keith Cox had a concern about when the public hearing on the projects would be held.

"Sometimes when we do these things and prepare in this way for them, people come to the public hearings thinking we have already made our minds up," said the board member, referring to the fact that the money for the engineering would have already been committed before the public hearing on the rate increase.

"I just want people to know that we are concerned about their input and that we want to here from them about this," added Rachiele.

A couple of other board members agreed and chairman Steve Denison suggested that people be encouraged to attend the next couple of PRWID meetings and talk about any concerns they have during the public comment period set aside at the beginning of all sessions.

"We don't want people to feel left out of the process," said Denison. "So lets spread the word we want to hear from those with concerns."

Following the discussion, the board voted to proceed with the studies, provided the money will not be paid until the CIB releases the funds.

Addressing unrelated agenda items, the PRWID board members considered the following matters:

•Ryan Nelson from Southwest Plumbing Supply asked the district to reconsider it's stand on only using a certain brand of coupling for their pipes.

The district had done some testing and looked at past performance problems with couplers.

But Nelson told the board that things have changed during the years and some of the other brands quality has improved.

The board decided to look further into the situation and to get more information before making any kind of decision.

•The board gave permission for Price City to put a translator on the tower on the headquarters for a communication system.

The communications system will be utilized by the law enforcement agency and possibly other departments within Price city.

"This site is critical for our system," emphasized Price Police Lt. Ed Shook in addressing the members of the PRWID board at the meeting.

"We have two antennas on Wood Hill and this one. It is a line of sight system so it this location is important for consistent coverage," added the police lieutenant.

•The water improvement district board approved the purchase of a harness and tripod system for Confined Space retrieval at the districts water plant.

The PRWID respresentatives also approved an alarm system that is going to be installed at the water treatment plant at a cost of slightly more than $2,500.

The contractor selected by the water improvement district to install, maintain and monitor the alarm system is MBE Security.

"There is legislation pending in Congress on what utilities will have to do to protect the public interest and alarms systems are part of that," pointed out Palmer.

"I think this is just the beginning of what will be coming down, so I think we may as well get started now," advised the PRWID director.

•Jeff Richins, assistant water improvement district director, presented the bidding booklet on the Elm Street and 400 East project to the board members.

"The request for bids was advertised today and will be for the next week," explained Richins. "The bidders can come in and pick up this book of specifications to base their bids on."

The bid opening process for the Elm Street and 400 East projectis scheduled to take place on Oct. 28.

Representatives serving on the PRWID panel will approve the winning bid at the regular public board meeting on Nov. 5.

•The board approved a final payment of $2330 to Creamer and Noble Engineering.

Creamer and Noble completed the engineering study on moving PRWID's utility lines because of the new Helper Interchange project.

Price River Water Improvement District will submit the total costs associated with the engineering study to the Utah Department of Transportation for reimbursement.

According to the water improvement district, the costs of the engineering study registered at more than $23,000.

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