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Senior center construction humming along

Construction of the Carbon County Senior Center, right, is proceeding smoothly and is approximately 60 percent completed.

The total cost is expected to be around $300,000. Last month, two companies, Utah Home Fitness and Upper Limit, submitted bids for exercise equipment.

Upper Limit sent a very detailed plan with their bid. It included floor plans and indicated that substantial time was invested in the project. In addition to those items, builders are also considering laundry equipment and new kilns to be used for the center's ceramic projects.

The outside is almost completely covered in sheet metal and all areas of construction are making headway. Electrical, masonry and plumbing should have been completed by Feb. 5.

Consultant Tom McCrary estimated that the entire project is more than half complete. Work is proceeding rapidly and the warmer weather that is coming should allow work to progress even faster.

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