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Bowling them over

Sun Advocate reporter

Jensen's Country Lanes in Price was abuzz with excitement late last month, and it had nothing to do with the Winter Olympic games blaring from the facility's several television sets.

Shay Montag, a full-time construction worker and part-time bowler with a 201 average was on a roll - literally. A member of the Darwin Thayn Scratch League's Pro Rehab team and a bowler since he was a child, he had rolled an incredible 10 consecutive strikes and was well on his way to his first 300 game.

"I was really nervous," he remembers. "I had done this once before, but could not complete the job." In the 11th frame, it happened again. Like a Major League pitcher with a no-hitter giving up a single with two outs in the ninth, Montag faltered and left the 6-10 pins untouched.

"I looked away," he said sheepishly. "I pulled up on my shot." Still, while the 300 games remained elusive, the Price resident did have one thing to smile about. Finishing with a 288 (tying his personal best game), he completed an 802 series, led his team to victory and recorded his highest three-game score ever.

"My previous high was a 745," he said. "I was just bowling and didn't think too much about a score. After I missed the 300 game, I just went back and concentrated on making good shots. I was happy for the high score, but I was more glad that the team won. We are in second place (five points behind Eastern Credit Union and only two ahead of Bowtie Beverage) and we need every win we can get."

Montag and his colleagues bowl every Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 9 p.m. For more information on Jensen's Country Lanes, call 637-0777.

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