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Letters to the editor: Saddened by passing

By Eileen Mele


I was saddened to read about Guido Rachiele's passing. I remember him as a friendly, cheerful man working in his grocery store.

My kids were raised here in southern California. Thirty years ago we made many trips to Price. Our kids loved being there in the summers. Grandpa would load up all the kids in his station wagon and take them to Checkerboard Grocery to buy candy. The kids are all grown up now, but they still talk fondly about all those visits to Price. They still ask me if I know whatever happened to that nice man in the store. I always meant to write and let Mr. Rachiele know how much he was liked by two little kids from out of town, but I never did.

There have been too many deaths as of late.I guess after being away 50 years its to be expected. A whole way of life is slipping away. The impersonal clerks of our modern convenience stores will carry no meaning for ours kids.

Mr. Rachiele was a sincerely caring man. I am sure many will recall the experience of his friendliness.

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