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Local youth take to skies with Civil Air Patrol

Cadet DJ Horrocks and Cadet Tate Larsen flew with Major Jess Hall on Saturday during a Civil Air Patrol introductory flight.

Two teens experienced the thrill of aviation through orientation flights with the Civil Air Patrol at Carbon County Airport on Saturday.

The cadets flew over the Price area in a CAP Cessna 182 piloted by Major Jess Hall, squadron commander. Cadet DJ Horrocks has always wanted to fly and was able to handle the controls for the first time to see what piloting is all about. The hour long flight in a single engine aircraft introduces cadets to the science that makes flight possible.

Cadet Tate Larsen and Cadet Horrocks learned about navigation, weather, aircraft instruments, flight maneuvers, and more on their flight. The day began by helping to pre-flight their aircraft. Working with their pilot, they taxied their aircraft to runway 18, gave it full throttle and took off, climbing to 8,500 feet. While aloft, it was the cadets who were handling the controls during the non-critical stages of the flight. Once they reached altitude, the cadets turned south and navigated to the Huntington Airport where they made a brief stop. Then it was the other cadet's turn at the controls for the flight home.

Major Hall stated he is always excited for the cadets and enjoys their reaction to the orientation flights. Cadets Sarah and Jaymin Cowley flew an orientation flight on Thursday and there are more cadet orientation flights to complete. CAP pilots volunteer their time for the flights, while the Civil Air Patrol provides the aircraft and fuel at no cost to the cadets or pilots.

The Civil Air Patrol Cadet program is open to youth age 12-19. Additionally, there are volunteer opportunities for adults, pilots and non-pilots alike.

For more information, contact Major Jess Hall at (435) 637-6099 or Lora Akers (435) 637-6303

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