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Sweet, sweet Valentine

Kindergarteners Kalani Berstein, Kamrynn Roberts, Bailey Kollar and Elena Vigil look through their Valentine bags they brought to school just before the festivities for the day of love and friendship took place at Sally Mauro Elementary on Thursday.

Sun Advocate publisher

It's billed commercially as the day of love; it was he day that special someone is supposed to give of the heart.

But it is also a day of friendship and of showing it, particularly when it comes elementary schools. For many, many years kids have brought their Valentines from home and distributed them to their friends and classmates.

Last Thursday, students in schools did just that. They brought their bags and their boxes in which they carried precious cargo created at home for their classes. They also hoped to get a great deal of friendship in return. The red and white day turned out tremendously across Carbon School District.

In the adult world, Sunday was Valentines and it was a day for lovers or to show those that have given their lives to one a certain amount of gratitude. However most people celebrated it on Saturday. Restaurants were busy, and some of the local lodging facilities offered specials for those that wanted a romatic evening.

Some people left town, going to places like Salt Lake, Provo and Grand Junction to celebrate the special day.

Still others celebrated at home by sending flowers, buying chocolates and cards or just having a day out together.

It was a break in what is often the bleakest part of the winter for many people and love was in the air.

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