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Notice Of Delinquent Rent / Sale

Due to delinquent rent and charges, Park n Stor Self Storage is
disposing of the contents of the following units.

	The entire contents of each unit listed below will be sold or
otherwise disposed of promptly at 8:00 am on Friday February 19, 2010.

Name, City, State, Zip, Unit #, Brief Listing of Contents: 
- Barfus, John  Huntington, UT 84528 - S 98  X-Box, boxes, bedroom
furniture, bikes, r/c car, shampooer, cooler, propane stove
- Benham, Brenda Faye  Wells, NV 89835 - E 205 Furniture, bedroom
furniture, microwave, dinette, nightstands, clothes, kids table/chairs
- Broadhead, Michael  Price, UT  84501 - S 44 Pool table
- Byrge, Della  Wellington, UT 84542 - E 208 Doll molds, cabinets,
boxes, headboard, coffee table, bags
- Cook, Nathan O. Price, UT 84501 - E 95 Entertainment Center,
speakers, couch, dresser, bed frame, cooler, clothes/shoes, boxes
- Diaz, Joseph Glenwood Springs, CO - E 94 Mattresses/bed frames,
record player, dressers, boxes, TV, chest, framed pics
- Duran, Fred Price, UT 84501 - S 149 Boxes, totes, bags, shelves,
coffee table, table/chairs
- Garcia, Leo F. Price, UT 84501 - E 98 Entertainment centers, home
electronics, kitchen appliances, furniture, mattress, boxes, artifical
- Grill, Jennifer P. Price, UT 84501 - M 14 Aquarium, mattresses,
boxes, drums, stroller, framed pics
- Hughes, Cherelle M. Price, UT 84501 - S 62 Tools, Bed Frame,
trophies, night stand, CB's, heaters, cassette tapes/records, auto
parts/paint gun, boxes
- Johnson, Shannon Price, UT 84501 - M 30 Dressers, mattresses,
cabinet, recliners, washer/dryer, book shelf, home electronics,
vacuum, boxes, bags, train set
- L'hommedieu, William Wellington, UT 84542 - M 84 Bags, cookers,
totes, tool set, CB
- Marietti, Justin R Price, UT 84501 - E 105 TV, BBQ, lamps,
automobile seat, dresser, bow, microwave, table, powerwheel,
washer/dryer, printer,  mattresses, bike, boxes/bags, lawn mower
- Marsing, Brandi Price, UT 84501 - S 203 Furniture, artificial tree,
clothes, misc.
- Martinez, Gibert & Hanes, Sylvia SLC, UT 84120 - S 51 Boxes, rake,
tools, coolers, clothes, painting frame/stand
- Rockwell, Deishamarie Price, UT 84501 - E 346 Subwoofers, desk,
dresser, entertainment center, oil rig drill bits, totes, cd's,
chairs, clothes, books
- Sacco, Frankie Price, UT 84501 - E 242 Batteries, computer, chair,
cable, garbage
- Schmidt, Brenda M Price, UT 84501 - S 47 TV, suitcases, coffee
tables, mattress set, boxes
- Smith, Tawni Helper, UT 84526 - M 57 Chairs, microwave, night
stands, shelf, boxes, tables, stuffed animals
- Tidwell, Jared J. E.C., UT 84520 - S 23 Chairs, tables, shelves,
bags/boxes/totes, stereo
Published in the Sun Advocate February 4 and 9, 2010.

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