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Helper girls b-ball

Sun Advocate reporter

The Helper Junior High girls junior varsity basketball team faced a tough opponent in San Rafael on Thursday night. San Rafael jumped out to an early lead of 6-0 as Helper struggled to control passes, execute plays and make shots. The game ended with a score of 36-20 in San Rafael's favor.

Turnovers plagued both teams as passes were picked, shots bounced off of rims and more than once the whistle blew for traveling. The second quarter also had a lot of fouls committed and few foul shots sank. Going into half time the scores had doubled 14-4 with San Rafael enjoying a comfortable lead.

The second half showed much of the same from the first, although Helper did manage to go on a run and bring the score to 16-10 with three minutes in the third remaining. Helper lacked the finesse that San Rafael was having little problem showing. Their execution of plays seemed well coordinated and the ball was falling more often through the hoop.

Midway through the fourth the score was 26-20 Helper again down by six. Helper started to look alive on the court and had some good plays.

The effort put forth showed promise but with the clock winding down Helper could not manage to pull out the win.

San Rafael pulled ahead by ten and the last minute saw a lot of missed shots and lost rebound opportunities.

Helper's coach mentioned that the team is rebuilding and using a lot of younger players, gaining playing time and experience is important and the team is working towards a cohesion with their players.

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